Sunday, June 12, 2011

Target Team Members Vote for Union

On Friday Team Members of Target Valley Stream will vote to Unionize, the Team Members will win this vote against Target Corporation becoming the first Target Store in the Nation to have a say in how they are treated at work and not left to the harsh realities set by Target.

These courageous Team Members had enough of Targets Corporate Welfare behavior where they give these hard working Team members 6-8 hour a week in order to keep their average weekly hours to a minimum in order not to qualify for benefits such as medical, paid vacation, holiday with pay and bereavement benefits and college reimbursements.

Target Corporation offer all these benefits and they look good and attractive when you apply for a Job at Target but because of Targets Practices less than 2% of the Employees at Target qualify for these Benefits.

Target Boast that they are an Equal Opportunity Employer that is so far from the truth, there are a lot of opportunities at Target but those who enjoy them are the chosen few. Having a Union may not change all the ills at Target but will certainly give the Team Members a greater say in how Qualified Team Members are Promoted and how the available hours in the Store is dispensed.

Target continue to Threaten its Team Members in all its Stores in New York if they Join a Union they will Close the Stores, By LAW TARGET CANNOT CLOSE THE VALLEY STREAM STORE BECAUSE THE TEAM VOTE TO UNIONIZE THEY WOULD HAVE TO CLOSE ALL THEIR IN NEW YORK.

The Team members at Target Valley Stream has all the Printed Press in New York on their side, the broadcast Press especially CBS has ignored this Story continuing to rake in advertising Dollars at the cost of Targets Team Members.

This Friday REAL CHANGE WILL COME the Valley Stream Store Target Team Members will vote they WILL WIN Target will win too, Target will for the first acknowledge there was always things they haven't done right and the People who work matters too.

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