Saturday, June 4, 2011

13 Long Days To Go!

Target Stores now In Canada

This is the Lucky thirteen (13)for the Team Members of Valley Stream Target Store because thirteen days from Today Deliverance will come. The Team will Vote to have Union representation in their Target Store.

The Team have held together under severe pressure from Target Valley Stream and Target Corporation. Target used all the tools they have to intimidate the Team members and dicourage the Team their legitimate Right to seek Union Representation. That has not worked.

The methods Target Valley Stream used only created further hostility and has pushed Team Members who were on the fencw to become definate supporters of the Labor action. Target went as far as to Threaten that they close the Valley Stream Store if the Team Members Vote to have Union Representation. TARGET KNOWS IF THEY CLOSE THE VALLEY STREAM STORE BECAUSE OF UNION ACTION THEY WILL HAVE TO CLOSE ALL THEIR STORES IN NEW YORK the Team knows that Target was giving them the BULLS.

The Team continue to seek the support of everyone, keep the pressure up this is a courageous group of Workers fighting for decent and liveable hourly wage, to be paid for extra for working on Holidays, paid Vacation not after working 1000 hours as is the current Practice by Target.

Keep the pressure on Target Corporation encourage the Team, this is a Long thirteen Days. Visit the website post your support.

This Action will not only Change Target Valley Stream but will bring Change to all Target Stores and Target Corporation.

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