Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Team Stand UP

Team Huddle at a Target Store

After years of low wages and a meaningless Job opportunity the Team at the Valley Stream Target Store will Vote on JUNE 17TH to have Union representation.This is unprecedented for Target Corporation who have been under the radar and presenting themselves as a great place to work.

Of course Target do hire and train the best they can hire at minimum wage, the Team respond under duress to provide the best environment for the guest who visit their these well kept Stores.

It is difficult to complain about the quality of service in these Target Stores when you can find a Team member.Target must realise that 4-16 hours a week at minimum wage cannot feed a family or help their hard working Team members who attend college.

Team members must be paid holiday wage when when required to work on these important Retail Sales days, Team members must be paid a reasonable wage for work,Team Members will not be denied benefits by suppression of the number of hours they work while their availability is being suppressed by Target.

The Team Members at the Valley Stream Target Store will have a Union as of June 17th, this is a courageous Team and they will WIN!

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