Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer of Mosquitoes

Mosquito Repellent Coils

This has been a spring of enormous rain there are Floods everywhere so late spring and early summer will bring an outbreak of flies and Mosquitoes.We can help to reduce the levels of this Mosquito outbreak by doing simple things around our homes.

These are a few way to help:-
1) Look around your yard the areas you don't often occupy to find containers that may have collected water during the rainy weather.
2) Flower Pots are friendly environment for mosquitoes, check and make sure all your Flower Pots and bases are draining properly. With the amount of rain we had recently the dirt in these pots gets hard and water may be retained in them.
3) Check the gutters around your home clean them of all the leaves and gunk these can help to retain water and become breeding ground for mosquitoes.
4) Make sure you cut the shrubs around around your home and clear them of clutter mosquitoes and flies find these as friendly areas to survive as the remain cool and accommodating to mosquito insects and flies.


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