Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Price of Peace is "Change"

Peace Benefit Both
Last week there seemed to be a convenient interpretation of words the President Said,"Israel and the Palestinians should return to the Negotiating Table based on the 1967 Borders with Land Swaps to create secure Borders for Israel" and the creation of a Sovereign nation for the Palestinians.This has always been the basis for negotiations for years but has never been said Publicly before by a sitting US President and never acknowledged by the Israeli Government.

A clear concise and well accepted ground for Peace Negotiations There is NO misunderstanding here, THE PROBLEM IS IT HAS NEVER BEEN SAID PUBLICLY BEFORE AND THAT TOOK COURAGE, the President was being attacked for being courageous.

The Israeli settlements On the west Bank are built on Palestinian Lands illegally and against the wishes of several US Presidents, Bill Clinton, George Bush 1, George Bush 2 the current administration the United Nations and every Nation who really seek peace in the middle East.

Israel against the world continue to expand its settlements on Palestinian Lands, these actions does not contribute to the Peace and Security Israel seek, it contributes the violence and the Arab Nations isolation they endure.

The Troubled middle East
Israel is A Sovereign Nation must be able to live in Peace as the Sovereign Nation it is,this will not happen if Israel continue to create an environment for violence. On the other hand the Palestinians Must be given Sovereign Nation Status and the Palestinians Must recognize Israel as the Sovereign Nation they are and their right to exist.

This Israeli Palestinian conflict continue to increasingly be the modern day David and Goliath encounter.If Israel guarded by its Military might ad unwavering support by the United States for its Security and Peace continues on the current path of Building settlements there is no incentive for Peace.

The middle East is changing Egypt one of Israels only Arab neighboring friends opened

its borders for passage and new opportunities for the People of Gaza this has not happened in 4 years,this one man's reaction to the (Associated Press) on the opening of the border:-

"All we need is to travel like humans, be treated with dignity, and feel like any other citizens of the world who can travel in and out freely," Arafat said. He said he believed the relaxing of travel restrictions "will guarantee more support from all Arabs and Palestinians for the new Egyptian regime."

Things are changing rapidly, we have no control over these changes to affect the changes we must change too.

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