Friday, April 29, 2011

Target Great Place to Shop

Chaos after close, no Team Members 
Target Stores is a great Place to shop prices are some of the best in retail the team members are well trained and for the most part fun and helpful.Target Team members work extremely hard but are worst paid in Retail.Not only they are paid the worst hourly rate some of these Target Team Members get only 4-12 hours weekly hours.

Team members have to rely on Taxpayers through the unemployment system to compliment their income. This is one of the hidden Corporate welfare that Company's like Target Corporation benefit from. These Target Team Members also have to depend on the various BENEFITS through the Department of Social Services like medical and Food Stamp compliment their living standards.

If Target Stores and Target Corporation increase these Team Member hourly income to a Living wage they would be able to relieve themselves of the Public BENEFITS PAY THEIR MEDICAL AND DON'T HAVE TO RELY ON TAXPAYERS for survival.

As a TAXPAYER you are PAYING TAXES 3 times now for Target Corporation to keep its Team Members. If you support the Team Members in their recent Action TO be UNIONIZED YOU WILL BE HELPING YOURSELF and the Team.

Result you may Pay a little more while Shopping at Target Stores

but as a Tax Payer you will only be Paying once.Remember Target Stores is a Great PLACE TO Shop the Team need your support.

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