Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Politics of Abortion

Abortion: tough personal decision

I think you support the Republican view in some portion of your statement but be mindful we cannot have both ways.I do not support Abortion neither do Republicans and most Democrats, I do not support welfare neither do Republicans bearing in mind there is more welfare money and government Program money going to Republican leaning States than Democrats. My contention is how do we draw the line between the REPUBLICANS FORCING WOMEN TO HAVE BABIES they cannot afford forcing them onto the welfare roles and then complaining we have too many people on welfare and the Moral issue of Abortion.

Forcing mothers to have children they cannot afford is a moral issue and starving mothers with malnourished children creates an new issue. Mother and child or children will now enter the social services system where we must be provided medical and all the other services available to them.

I am not an advocate for Abortion I hate the thought of it neither am I an advocate for welfare. I have never benefited from it, I do not know what is involved qualifying for or receiving those benefits. I casually of know people are on welfare and for the years I know them their lives have not changed. I also know of people who benefited from welfare in the past and have weened themselves and their children and have gone on to lead successful lives.

Corporate America is the biggest welfare recipient and we seem to give them a pass. Giving a helping hand to those of our Citizens White, Blacks, Hispanics or any race who need it is a MORAL OBLIGATION. Where we have failed is not setting a framework to allow them to grow out of welfare.

"Welfare is a Temporary Benefit"

While we refuse benefits to our citizens in our own country our money is paying for those benefits to citizens in other countries. The US AID pays for health care dental, medical provide nutrition school uniform, books, birth, control providing Housing and every other human need to citizens of other countries all over the world. Successive US government for some 60 continuous years have supported these aid programs abroad while denying their own citizens.

"Comprehensive Heath Care to the Citizens of a Nation is not benefit but a Human Right".

The concern should not be the money spent on welfare because every penny of those funds go straight back in the economy. Let us think how we can make difference Leading people away from welfare and not forcing them to have children they cannot afford.

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