Monday, August 30, 2010

Glen Beck's Come To Jesus Moment

God's moment with Glen Beck
It is very refreshing to hear Glenn Beck amending his charge that President Obama is a racist.Those of us that follow Politics should be reminded of several COME TO JESUS MOMENTS and this is the beginning of Mr Becks turning point. For the first time Mr Beck has shown some sign of growing up and he should be commended.

On Saturday Mr Beck was able to influence an agenda that brought thousands of Americans together at the Lincoln monument for rally that turns out having no purpose than to bring people at a time when Americans are focused on their difficulties.

Mr Beck while primarily responsible for the scare and anger in our nation as espoused on the airwaves an TV side stepped the issues he used to bring the nation to anger and panic brought attention to more mundane issues like the need for God and tribute to the military.

The real winner in all this is the American People who now can go back to their communities and focus on which Party is working in their own interest and make good decisions in November. Mr Beck having admitted the President is not a racist is one concern taken away from his listeners and viewers. Next Mr Beck must address the Bert-hers and remove that as an issue, then he must look at the health care Law and address the good things about the Law and how in the future they will benefit his listeners, viewers and Business.

MY friends by now you must realize as Mr Beck continue to strip away all the wool that he drew over peoples eyes in the past months the only thing that's left is for Mr Beck to approach the Banking and Business community and tell them the war is over we have caused enough suffering on the American people this is not working lets get back to work.

Mr Beck can read Tea Leaves just as anyone else he knows now that he can bring healing to a vast section of the American community and with his brewing Political ambitions he need to get out in front of the crowd now and help this Nation.

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