Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smile in the Morning.

She Laid as if Lifeless 
Coffee cup in hand sitting near the nook, standing at he kitchen counter she turned and looked at me it was 5:30 in the morning. She muttered under her breath,"why do I do this" she continued to pack the lunch case.Can "you pass me a bottle of that water from the freezer", she asked. I opened the freezer and handed her a bottle of water completely frozen, she looked at me "is there anything else you want to take along today" no honey,I replied,she turned and smiled, a long beaming smile, I took the last gulp from the second cup of walked over to the counter where she stood, she was looking a look I have not seen for a long time.

She handed me my lunch case with her left hand and placed her right and on top of mine, the touch was soft and deep. I kissed her,as I walked to the door her footsteps were soft and loud behind me, I was smiling deep inside me. I opened the door I knew she was right there. I stepped outside holding the door ajar. Again I felt her soft fingers taking the place of mine as I gently let the door leave my hand into hers.

As I walked to my car I felt her piercing eyes across my shoulders, my fingers trembled as I opened the door. Through the corners of my eye, I saw her standing there her body pressed against the edge her hands one above the other between her chest, her face touching the doors edge.

My nerves were shattered, my right leg trembled as as it touched the floor, hurriedly my body fell into the seat my left leg was lifeless as I dragged it inside the car. my car did not start as my wet fingers slipped from the keys. My head drooped my forehead slightly touching the steering wheel. wiping my hand on my leg I tried again the car roared and started, I rolled my window down waving as I backed out the driveway.

I did not look to see if she was there I knew she was, this morning was different I felt her there. I muttered to myself, "I know why she she do this",that moment I had a long breath taking morning smile.

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